Are a complete set of concentrated pigments (discharge) from PRINTOP®. It has been specially formulated to obtain discharge finish of many colors. It must be mixed with Discharge Base 100 and DCH Classic Activator ZF (see TDS). The fabric must be 100% cotton dyeing with reactive or corroibles dyes. Presents slight migration and eflorescence.


  • High performance.
  • Varied range of colors.

Suggested Formulation:

Normal colors:
1kg -> Discharge Base 100
60g (6%) -> Discharge pgm (colors)
50g to 100g (5% to 10%) -> DCH Classic Activator ZF
--> This mixture contains formaldehyde.
White color: 1kg -> Discharge Base 100
100g (10%) -> Discharge Pgm White
50g to 100g (5% to 10%) -> DCH Classic Activator ZF
--> This mixture contains formaldehyde.


1. Homogenize well the base with the pigment before adding the agent.
2. The mixture Base + Pigment + Agent, will last 6 hours, after this time the product will be loosing its effectiveness. When doing the mix, mix first, the base + agent and then add the pigment. To obtain higher wash resistance add HTX Fixer Fix up to 2%.
3. Due to the nature of this product and additives, as well as to the multiple factors that may affect the performance (knit, dyeing, environmental temperature, curing temperature, relative humidity, hydrophility, etc.), the final color obtained during production may present variations.


The user must perform always a complete test of finishes, color shades, curing and washing prior to undertake a production run. The information on this Technical Data Sheet is based on our good faith and experience, therefore, it does not constitute in any way implicit or explicit warranty or liability due to the multiple ways, factors, application conditions and variety of existing fibers and materials beyond our control. The user must determine the applicability and the adaptability of the product for his particular intended use verifying all the properties and features described on this Technical Data Sheet, assuming for it all the risks, damages and consequences direct and indirect that this use supposes. Refer to the website for the latest version of this data sheet before using the product. All previous editions of this version and revision date are void.

Ecofriendly Statement:

It's the user's responsibility to follow-up thoroughly and test all the textile process (knitting, dyeing, cut, print, wash, etc.) to detect the presence of possible contaminants. All the containers and tools that are in contact with the ink have to be new and previously washed to get rid of traces of chemicals. The user should perform their own tests to determine and verify the chemical content of its printings and all stated in these data sheets before mass production ensuring compliance with the requirements of their customers regarding chemical content. Due to the many possible contamination sources, SQASA (Sociedad Quimica Alemana S.A.) and their dealers do not assume any direct or indirect liability for damages or losses because of chemical contents.

Product Overview:

Brand: Printop
Product Code: P6875
Industry: Inks
Application: Screen Printing
Category: Stock Colors
Chemistry: Discharge
Substrate(s): 100% Cotton
Best Used By: 9 months
Certification(s): ISO9001


Storage Temperature: 65°F - 95°F (18°C - 35°C)
Storage Notes: Store in a cool and dry environment. Keep container tightly closed to prevent from drying and/or contamination.