Screenprinting Inks

PRINTOP®’s ready to print inks are suitable for a variety of substrates and are applied through different screenprinting methods. The innovative and optimizing characteristics of our inks are properties that provide solutions to the advertising, artistic and fashion markets. In addition, we market printing accessories that serve to effectively complement this activity. Our latest state of the art technology in inks and chemicals are developed by our staff of engineers and technicians, experts in their formulation and application, innovative development and quality control at the most advanced laboratory in the region.

Today, PRINTOP® is the leading brand in the field of inks in Latin America with significant presence in: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Dominican Republic.


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Atomix® Matching System

Atomix® 4G is a series of plastisol, waterbase and silicone ink systems that allow you to mix and match PANTONE color simulations; simply, accurately and fast. More and more printers worldwide are turning to Atomix® 4G as an effective material to help them improve print quality, reduce ink costs, manage ink inventory and protect production yields.

Atomix® ink-to-ink systems work with only 15 colors and Atomix® PC systems work with only 14 pigment concentrates plus base to produce the full range of Pantone C colors as well as any custom colors. All Atomix® systems are supported by our user-friendly Atomix® 4G management software helping save you time and money.

Plastisol Inks

Texiplast® (TXP) — Ecofriendly Plastisols: Brilliant, high opacity colors available in both base + pigment concentrate and direct ink Pantone® matching systems as well as our ready-for-use inks.

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High Solid WaterBase Inks

WB-Star™ (WB-S) — High-Performance Waterbased Inks: WB-Star™ is a screenprinting water based product series developed by PRINTOP® specially designed to work on automatic presses.

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Low Solid Waterbase Inks

Aquaplast® (AQP) – Classic product series of low solid waterbase inks developed by Printop.

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Discharge Inks

Our Discharge series of inks is a water based technology that, especially when overprinted with DCH Pigments, print brilliant colors on dark backgrounds that are very soft to the touch.

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Graphic Inks

Printop offers high quality graphic inks in a wide range of product series that are specifically used for printing of various packing materials.

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