Discharge Inks

Our Discharge series of inks is a water based technology that, especially when overprinted with DCH Pigments, print brilliant colors on dark backgrounds that are very soft to the touch. Discharge inks must be printed on reactive dyed 100% cotton.

White Inks

Specially formulated to be printed over dark fabrics obtaining a white color with a very soft hand. This ink is activated when it is mixed with DCH Classic Activator ZF (powder), dying the fabric colorant and turning the fibers into white color. It must be 100% cotton dyed with reactive dyes.

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Specialty Inks

Choose from the available range specialty bases to produce prints that are above and beyond the normal.

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Stock Colors

Discharge Stock Colors

Choose from our wide range of color pigments that can be used to formulate specific discharge color inks.

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Modifiers & Additives

Use our modifiers and additives to enhance the performance of our products or to make them work under your operating conditions.

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DCH Classic Discharge White ZF