High Solid WaterBase Inks

WB-Star™ (WB-S) — High-Performance Waterbased Inks: WB-Star™ is a screenprinting water based product series developed by PRINTOP® specially designed to work on automatic presses. This series is available in Pantone® matching system and a number of specialty bases and effects.

White Inks

It has good coverage and softness as well as good elasticity. It has a dry layer, non-sticky, elastic and of low gloss. It can be directly used as white on the fabric or as base to overprint colors.

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Specialty Inks

Choose from the available range specialty bases to produce prints that are above and beyond the normal.

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Color System

Water Based Stock Colors

Our waterbase series includes a color range of colors, as 4 color process colors.

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Modifiers & Additives

Use our products listed below to meet your specific operating or performance requirements.

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Mixing Inks

WB-S Atomix, is a waterbase mixing system of high concentration (printable pigments) and excellent coverage, PVC and ftalates free belonging to WB-Star Series from PRINTOP®. It has been specially developed to use meshes or silks of high numeration in presses of great production without having screen obstruction or blocking problems. It has 14 ready for […]

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WB-S Ape

WB-S Shark

WB-S Tela Blanca

WB-S Tela Negra

WB-Star Atomix®